Why you shouldn’t use decimals or floats when calculating values

I still see this happening often enough in other people’s software, that I thought it was worth writing a post about. When performing calculations in most languages, it’s always best to avoid using decimals or floats. Why is this? It’s imprecise and can result in in-accuracy, especially when dealing with lots of small numbers. To… Continue reading Why you shouldn’t use decimals or floats when calculating values

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Url Suffix in Codeigniter

Codeigniter is a great Framework, it’s been around for quite some time now. Some might say this makes it a bit long in the tooth. Personally I don’t agree, it’s still actively developed, faster than most (much faster than Laravel) and allows you to still write raw PHP when you want to. One of the… Continue reading Url Suffix in Codeigniter

Exporting to CSV in Modx

Sometimes the easiest way to bulk edit or export data is through a csv or excel file. While its easy enough to export a database table as CSV if your exporting from Modx then it’s not that straight forward. The reason for this is due to the way Modx stores Template Variables – within a… Continue reading Exporting to CSV in Modx

IP Address Spoofing

I’ve been thinking on the subject of IP address spoofing lately and how easy this could be to carry out. While email header spoofing is both widespread and easy (you don’t even need any paid software or much knowledge) Two IT experts have argued that you can’t really spoof IP addresses elsewhere. On a networking… Continue reading IP Address Spoofing

Project Cars vs Real life

Project Cars, probably the most realistic racing game yet has finally been launched for the next generation consoles (PS4 / Xbox One) and the PC. Not only does it drive realistically but it looks the business too. Check out this video showing just how close the’ve got it.  

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No Mans Sky

Waiting for a killer game to tempt you to buy the next gen console? By the looks of things No Man’s Sky may just be it. A free-form, procedurally generated universe full of planets and creatures and space to explorer, all rendered in fantastic, vibrant 3D. Swoop down from space to a planet without a… Continue reading No Mans Sky

Quantum Computers are a reality

The ability to use quantum “entanglement” in a practical computer has been thought to be at least a decade away and yet a Canadian company called D-Wave has built a computer that does just that. The company made such a claim earlier in the year however thier machine’s have now been peer reviewed and do… Continue reading Quantum Computers are a reality

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