Quantum Computers are a reality

The ability to use quantum “entanglement” in a practical computer has been thought to be at least a decade away and yet a Canadian company called D-Wave has built a computer that does just that.

The company made such a claim earlier in the year however thier machine’s have now been peer reviewed and do seem to stand up to scrutiny.

This changes things within the world of computers on a huge scale. Calculations that just weren’t possible before could be performed using D-Wave’s computers.

The whole reason for this change is the way information is stored. Up to now every single computerised electronic device stores and computes information based on “bits” being stored as a 1 or a 0. This is the very foundation of computers.

Quantum computers exploit quantum mechanics and instead of bits, they use “qubits” which can be a 1 or a 0 AT THE SAME TIME!

While it is still very early days the fact that this technology has been developed to a production level is quite frankly gob-smacking and will change everything. I look forward to seeing just how these changes manifest.