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Why you shouldn’t use decimals or floats when calculating values

I still see this happening often enough in other people’s software, that I thought it was worth writing a post about. When performing calculations in most languages, it’s always best to avoid using decimals or floats. Why is this? It’s imprecise and can result in in-accuracy, especially when dealing with lots of small numbers. To explain, natively computers can only store integers, but need some way of representing decimals. This Read More...

Project Cars vs Real life

Project Cars, probably the most realistic racing game yet has finally been launched for the next generation consoles (PS4 / Xbox One) and the PC. Not only does it drive realistically but it looks the business too. Check out this video showing just how close the’ve got it.  

Five people, one guitar

The title says it all really, it might not be the newest of videos but I can’t help loving this cover of Goyte’s “Somebody that I used to know” by Walk off the Earth and Sarah Blackwood.