Speed up your website

It is very important from both a web design and an SEO point of view that any website you create should display as fast as possible, giving the user the best experience and catering for those with slower internet connections. There are quite a number of changes you can make in order for a website… Continue reading Speed up your website

301 Redirects

Redirecting a website or webpage can be important for a number of reasons, site redesign, change of domain name, business rebranding etc.As far as the search engines are concerned there should only ever be one form of redirect, and that is via the “301? method. Any other form of redirect is considered bad form and… Continue reading 301 Redirects

GetPage Pagination

GetPage is a very useful extra for Modx that allows the pagination of results, most of the time generated by the GetResources extra. It’s pretty straightforward to use however by default there isn’t really any thought given to the duplication that will result from it’s use. There doesn’t seem to be much about this on… Continue reading GetPage Pagination

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