The Best search engine according to Google

With more than 80% share in the search market, you may be forgiven for thinking that Google would consider itself to be the best search engine, but strangly they don’t.

Ok so if they don’t think they should be number 1 for search engine it must be Bing, or even Yahoo surely?

Erm, no actually, according to Google, the best result for search engine is… Dogpile!, seriously Dogpile. Number 2 is Altavista, a name I haven’t even heard in years.

So according to Google, the best two search engines are Dogpile and Altavista!. Google have explained that as the visitor is searching on Google at the time then they don’t actually need to see Google. But this doesn’t explain why Bing and Yahoo don’t appear number 1 and 2.

My guess is that whatever algorithm Google uses to stop Yahoo and Bing search results appearing in Google is at work hear, as Dogpile and Altavista don’t actually use their own search service but use Google’s, Bing’s and Yahoo’s then they are safe to appear in the result.