Google UK serps still showing flux

Google UK has been showing a large amount of fluctuation in it’s natural search results since late May 09 and this is still going on. As a science fiction and fantasy fan I often check where my other site is for this term.

Up to May the results returned for this search term were around 14.2 million and then late may they shot up to around 28 million results, many of these on the first few pages of either very low quality, old or from a different country including the USA and India.

Since this time there has been a marked “yoyo” affect for the results of this term, both in the volume returned and the quality of these results. In June the results jumped again to around 36 million and has stayed at this number until the end of July, where the volume currently stands at 38.8 million.

Interestingly if you leave “search suggest” on when typing in this phrase you will see the amount still recorded at 14.2 million results.

Back on the 14th July (2 weeks ago) Google employee Matt Cutts advised he was going to record another of his regular Q&A videos and invited questions from the community. The most popular question has been:

“Why are the UK SERPS still really poor with irrelevant non UK sites (US/Aus/NZ) ranking very high since early June?”

There have yet to be any new videos posted on the Google webmaster central video channel, we can but wait to see if Matt will answer this important question.